Guatever Day 8

In the morning we made our last journey to Comalapa to thank our becadas and the artesanas. We presented the videos we made yesterday and each of us said a few words (in Spanish) about what this experience meant to us. It was truly a joy to watch the weavers laugh as they saw themselves on the big screen.

After our presentation the artesanas set up a mini-market and we could support them by purchasing their products. Here’s a sampling of their weaving:


We had lunch with our becadas and then played some games and shared some songs. At the end, we took a group picture and reluctantly said goodbye to our becadas.

In the afternoon we walked two blocks from our hotel to reach the alleged Antigua market. The most common phrase of this experience was, “Trying to pick something out here is one of the most stressful experiences ever.” There are trinkets and bags, clothing and soccer balls, silverware and hackysacks, belts and coffee, pens and avocados, crosses and jewelry, jerseys and vases, paintings and hats. Some of us were able to bargain products down to half price, while others were happy to pay the original price. It was a great experience for practicing our Spanish, interacting with eager venders, and learning how to “power shop.”

For dinner, we went to a Mexican restaurant called Fridas.

We’re looking forward to spending another beautiful day in Antigua, with ziplining and chocolate making thrown in!

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