Guatemala: San Juan Pueblo

Hola! We started our trek into the heart of Guatemala with a three hour car ride from the capital to Lake Atitlán. After a boat trip we settled into Hotel Uxlabil, a gorgeous place with a view of the lake that is absolutely bonita! We filled up on an authentic lunch consisting of broccoli soup and papaya drizzled with honey, among other delicious foods.

Our journey then took us–by foot–to the center of San Juan, where we worked with community members from the Riecken Foundation–many of whom were students our age. We learned about the role of the library, as a place to share knowledge and pass culture down from one generation to the next. We also met with an elderly local woman (an “abuela”) who told us her life story–one of hardship and courage.

In preparing for our performances tomorrow, we got a chance to connect with the Guatemalan youth and to exchange personal stories. We bonded over games of “human knot.” 🙂

We ended the day with dinner at a local eatery with our new Gutemalan amigos and headed back to the hotel, tired but excited for tomorrow.

Hasta luego!
Guatemalan Investi-Gators


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