Guatemala Day 6

Today was our final day interviewing the weavers with our becadas. We started out the morning with an early final breakfast of omelets in Chimaltenango and then returned to the Rosa Maya Center in Comalapa. The becadas definitely felt more at ease with us today and in turn we felt more comfortable around them. Our group rode in a traditional “tuk tuk” (little three person rickshaws) to the home of a Mayaworks weaver, Doña Mary. The ride was pretty bumpy but we still enjoyed it. It’s amazing how fast the drivers weave through the narrow streets so quickly and how the pedestrians just calmly walk alongside them. At Doña Mary’s house we were able to help out with the lunch preparation by washing the plates, cutting up the melon, and making our own tortillas on the outdoor stove. The kitchen was full of daughters, sons, friends, and the mother of Doña Mary. We have definitely learned the importance of a home cooked meal in these families, and the kitchen more than anything is their place of togetherness. Doña even said that cooking was her favorite part of her whole day, because she got to spend time with her family and friends.

One of our favorite parts of the day was playing card games with our becadas as we waited for the meal. All ten of us students, becadas, chaperones, and weavers sat around the table outside for lunch and talked about their Mayan language and the extent of the English taught in the becadas’ schools. We’ve learned that the new generations are losing touch with the culture of their ancestors because their indigenous language is being taught less and less, which is very saddening for the older generations. After many photos were taken by the request of Doña Mary’s daily, we returned to the center with the becadas and prepared for games of soccer and basketball in the park. The becadas also taught us a Spanish song, and we listened to a very touching speech from an older becada in which she told us about how Mayaworks and the Rosa Moya Center has changed her life. It is so clear to us now that the center does so much for the girls, from helping them with homework and tests to giving them the confidence to speak in front of large groups. We feel really lucky to be helping out with such an important and effective foundation.

At the end of the afternoon, we returned on bus to Antigua and enjoyed dinner at an amazing international cafe in town. Rosie, Juliana, and Anne all sang and played guitar in front of a packed restaurant, as it was open-mic night. The night ended with us “chilling at the hotel,” as Ms. Band says. The in-room wifi at this hotel is a refreshing change from the wifi available in the jungle of the last hotel. We are excited for a fun day ahead of us tomorrow, including working on our movies and taking a walking tour of Antigua!

Love from the Band pod!
Ellie, Colleen, Rosie, and Gaelin




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  • Celeste and Ellie

    Your trip seems to be really fun and fulfilling! Playing basketball, soccer, cards, and guitar seems interesting. The food in Guatemala is an obvious change from the American choices!!!! What has been your favorite experience so far? We are both excited for our global trips and hope to go to Guatemala, too!!!!
    P.S. hi Rosie
    – ellie and celeste

  • Grace Zales

    I love love love reading the blogs — favorite part of my day; I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas, waiting for the next post! Thanks for writing them, and including so much detail. The photos and your writing makes the trip come alive for me. I love the photo of the little girls cooking, and your happy faces. Have a great day tomorrow.

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