Guatemala Day 6: Adventures in Antigua!

Hola amigos! Today we woke up to yet another beautiful day at our beautiful hotel for yet another beautiful breakfast. That pretty much sums up Antigua – all around bonito.

In the morning, we worked in pairs on short films which we will be presenting tomorrow about the weavers and their lives. Sifting through hours of interview audio on our iPads did pose a bit of a challenge, and some (me? naw.) were less speedy than others, but in the end all our movies made the deadline!

Next, we headed out to lunch and inhaled burgers (slathered with the signature Guatemala avocado, of course) sandwiches, milkshakes (deemed by many as a highlight of their meal), and mi favorito, rosa de jamaica tea. Tummies more than satisfied, we hopped on our bus and enjoyed a beautiful ride through the streets of Antigua, lined with houses of turquoise, red, yellow, and every color in between. On our way we noticed an entire street comprised only of shops selling hand-crafted leather boots! Only in Guatemala.

Our first destination was the new building that would become home to another branch of the Riecken libraries. After witnessing the enormously positive influence of the library on the community in San Juan la Laguna, we were thrilled to see that the foundation continues to grow and touch more lives.

We spent the rest of our evening at Azotea, the lovely home of several museums, shops, and a coffee plantation! I enjoyed learning about the evolution of Mayan instruments and music, which culminated in a performance by three Mayan musicians that blew us audience members right out of our seats. The talented musicians used a variety of delicately carved whistles that mimicked the sounds of nature; the percussion was fascinating, and the sweet sound of the flute took me to another place. One of the musicians also performed for us a lively traditional dance, and then proceeded to invite us to learn how to dance. Of course, there was no way we could follow that stunning performance, but we joined hands in un gran circulo and danced among much laughter and general merriment.

After a delicious traditional dinner at Azotea, we returned to our hotel excited to share our work with the becadas and weavers at our final celebration with Mayaworks, mañana. I look forward to tomorrow’s adventures!

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