Guatemala Day Three

Today was an adventure – an adventure with new food, new people, new ideas, and new personal narratives to explore. As planned, we spent several hours today with the artisanas – the weavers – in their homes, learning more about their childhoods, families, and profound dreams.

We heard stories from the women about the demise of entire families due to tensions between indigenous communities and government agents, as well as more hopeful stories of young daughters pursuing formal education. Through these stories and conversations, we learned about Maya Works and how the organization has changed their lives for the better. By providing scholarships for the youth, micro-financing, and legal services, the artisanas and their families are able to live more peaceful and secure lives, as they know that a steady source of income will ensure a prosperous future.

After a long day of interviewing, filming, photographing, editing, and writing, we journeyed off into Antigua to a local “hip” cafe, aptly named Café Rainbow. There we tasted a variety of Guatemalan foods and sipped (virgin) Piña Coladas, all the while enjoying the open mic-night, during which a couple of our own clan bravely demonstrated their talents and entertained a full house.

A short walk back to the hotel was filled with laughter and sights of a beautiful city just starting the night. Once at the hotel, we continued the atmosphere of song, story, and dance, together creating memories that will surely last a lifetime.

Here’s to another night in Antigua and another day in her mysterious and exciting streets.



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  • Margaret Lane

    So great to hear that this “maiden voyage” is going so well.

  • Jeannine Marston

    I am so glad you are having this opportunity to emerge yourself in another culture and perspective. I look forward to your voices as we study Latin America relations with the U.S. second semester. Happy New Year to all of you.
    We are learning to appreciate our precious resource: water. Much for us to share with you as well.

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