Guatemala Day Two

Our day began by meeting with the becadas at the Mayaworks center in Comalapa. Together we showed them how to film and  put together an imovie using an ipod touch. Afterwards we split into three groups and boarded buses to the towns of Comalapa, Aguas Calientes, and Xentonox. There we met with indigenous women who taught us about their lifestyle and culture. They showed us the impressive skill behind  their intricate and colorful weavings. We were amazed by their meticulous crafts and dedication to their work.

Later we had the pleasure of experiencing the traditional Guatemalan cuisine through helping the women and their families in the kitchen.  Many of us partook in the process of making tortillas from scratch. Although not all of us succeeded in the craft– some tortillas may have been dropped– it was an honorable attempt nevertheless. Then we were delighted to indulge in the meal that we helped prepare. Not only was the food delicious but we also engaged in pleasant conversations with the families. We ended the day by sharing our different experiences with the entire group, followed by a fantastic Italian dinner.

Overall, we each felt that our day gave us insight into the beautiful rural Guatemalan community outside of city life.

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  • Anne Rossman

    We are so excited to read about your Guatemalan travels: your posts are delightful and informative to read! I have found a few pictures, but can’t seem to expand them beyond a tiny square?!? Regardless, our best wishes to you all for a continued successful adventure! -Anne & Glen

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