Guatemala 2016

Hola Padres!

1/2: We landed in Guatemala City where we loaded into vans and headed for San Juan. On the way we stopped for a sandwich and then again to take a look out over the lake. As we began to approach our next destination, we were met with traffic and crowded, colorful streets filled with dogs, shoppers, and other cars who we passed with inches between us. After they stopped the van, we unloaded the luggage and dragged our suitcases through the cobblestone paths and down the stairs where a boat awaited us to take us across the lake. We spent the next hour speeding though the clear waters where some of us got soaked by the oncoming waves.
Once we reached the hotel, we unpacked and got ready for a tour of the city. After we returned from our adventure in the streets of San Juan, we were greeted with a lovely dinner of grilled chicken followed by our rellenitos. Exhausted, we all headed back to the rooms to rest up for the busy day ahead.
1/3: We woke up bright and early at 7am, where we enjoyed a breakfast of oatmeal, tortillas, eggs, and beans. As we were getting packed for our day and the homestay tonight we were greeted by “baby jesus” who after Christmas was being paraded around town, making stops at ever house and hotel along the way. After that little surprise, we began our day by visiting a women’s cooperative for weavers, where they taught us how they make their beautiful tapestries. We then stopped for a chocolate demonstration on the way to the coffee plantation. After a beautiful tour of the coffee plantation, we sat down for a lovely lunch accompanied by some freshly made coffee. We then headed back in little cars to the library, where we are now, to meet up with some of the boys and girls. They are currently teaching us Maya Tz’utujil and helping us with our Spanish as we practice skits we will perform tomorrow for some of the community.
For now the wifi is limited, but we will try out best to let you know what we are up to.
-A. McMaster


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