Guatemala 2016 – Numero Tres

Bright and early yesterday morning we boarded our boat and in the morning fog said good bye to lake atitlan. After the boat ride and a 3 hour bus ride filled with sleeping and laughter, we arrived in Comalapa. After much anticipation, we finally met the becadas. They performed a mayan ceremony for us with corn, and we sang the Castilleja song and read poetry. To break the ice, we played lots of games to get to know one another. Although we don’t know as much Spanish as they do, we were still able to communicate and have an amazing time with one another.
After the games, we took a long walk through Comalapa on the way to lunch. Each Casti girl had a group they ate with and walked with, consisting of 2 casti girls and 2 becadas. When we arrived at lunch, we thanked the weavers who prepared our delicious meal of soup with chicken or pork, a side of rice, vegetables, and of course, tortillas!!
After lunch, we headed off in our groups on a mural tour in Comalapa. The becadas explained the long history of Guatemala through murals. It was interesting to not only hear about it, but to also see how the artists interpreted their history through art.
We headed back to the becadas school and had a small snack of hibiscus tea and a tostado shell with black beans. We said goodbye and headed back on the bus to our hotel where we rested and ended the night with a great dinner (and wifi!).
Although many of us were nervous with the language barrier, it was amazing to be able to communicate with the becadas on a more personal level. We can all understand what they’re saying (most of the time), but the hardest part is responding back in Spanish. All of us are enjoying the ability to share stories with people who we wouldn’t be able to talk with without our Spanish. It’s truly amazing and we are so excited to get to know the becadas more and improve our spanish.
Julia N and Kenzie
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