Guatemala 1/8

This morning we left early from our hotel in Antigua to return to Comalapa one final time and present our projects. When we arrived, we were greeted by the Becadas and watched as the students from the school performed traditional Mayan music that they had been learning for the past month- fue muy bonito! After the performance we presented our powerpoint/keynote presentations we had been working on and practicing for the past three days. The weavers, who were featured in these presentations, all seemed very delighted to be interviewed and portrayed by the girls. Following the presentations, we had a spontaneous dance party with the Becadas- all thanks to Ms. Deras’ wonderful DJ-ing. Then we all sat down to a delicious lunch made by the weavers! The teachers and organizers of the trip surprised all of us with a super fun Piñata- que divertido!!!!!!!! Unfortunately after the candies were eaten, it was time to say our goodbyes. Each of us received a beautiful gift from our Becadas and everyone was very sad to leave. We ended the lovely day with a final group photo to remember our wonderful time together.

Hasta luego!!!!!!!!

Alli Pope


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