Guatemala 1/7

After visiting Comalapa several times, the becadas came to visit us in Antigua yesterday. We had a delicious breakfast, and anxiously awaited the arrival of the becadas. We worked on our presentations in groups of 4 about a weaver (normally the weaver was the mom of one of the becadas). Two days ago we visited weavers houses and took pictures and interviewed them. With the becadas in our groups, we made short presentations about the weavers to present today (Friday). We then headed off to walk around Antigua. Our groups walked around a bit, then went to a café and played cards. Then all the groups joined together once again and headed off to lunch. After this, we said goodbye to the becadas and went on a walking tour of Antigua.

We learned about how the instruments were invented and played. We then watched a very interesting video about Mayan music ceremonies. We headed to an outside courtyard and listened to a famous Mayan band. They were Extraordinario!!!!

Kenzie y Julia

IMG_1826 IMG_1774

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