Green Team meets with Alexandra Fuller!

Sounds of drilling and pounding permeated the clear Wyoming atmosphere as Alexandra Fuller rode on horseback to protest the unrequited deaths that were occurring on ever-spreading oil rigs. Toppling the idea of the quintessential “little lady,” Alexandra Fuller stood up, or rather, rode up, for what she believed in. This brave activist shared her story, and similar ones, with the Castilleja Green Team on Monday October 6.

Fuller has written several novels, including Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight, which Casti juniors read over the summer.  Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight describes her eventful childhood in modern day Zimbabwe and Zambia in the midst of political upheaval. These experiences have instilled in her a passion for the environment, among other social issues such as women’s rights. Fuller believes that environmental concerns are the root cause for many other social issues that our society faces today.

We’re so glad she shared her story with us! Green team learned about the importance of standing up for our beliefs, taking actions, and looking for solutions. Just like Alexandra Fuller, the members of Green Team are prepared to lead Castilleja on the path to sustainability.

-Lindsey and Ella

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