Global Week 2007 – Tuesday

Today’s main speaker was Jean Francois Rischard author of High Noon: 20 Global Problems and 20 Years to Solve Them.

Source: NAIS website

Jean Francois Rischard presented at the 2006 National Association of independent school’s Global Education Summit.  The NAIS’s website describes his book as expressing  “his personal views on the future and documents what he sees as the most urgent global issues of the decades to come.” Mr. Rischard served as the World Bank vice president for Europe from 1998 to 2005, acting as the Bank’s chief spokesman both to the European Union and to individual European countries.

He is a frequent speaker and covers such topics as managing financial crises, sustainable development, corporate governance, the role of business beyond its traditional borders, new technologies and their applications for development, the changing rules and inner workings of the new world economy, and the need for new global governance mechanisms in an increasingly complex and inter-linked world.

Mr. Rischard is a Luxembourg national and is married with three children. He holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in economics (University of Aix-Marseille, DES, 1971 and 1973), a law doctorate (Luxembourg, 1971), and a master’s in business administration (Harvard Business School, 1975).


We also saw a movie detailing Nobel Laureates, Nobelity.  You can  learn more about the movie at their website and watch a trailer.

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