Global Week 2007 – Monday

Global Week 2007 begins with a look at the Room to Read Project and the larger them of Girls’ Education globally.


Our morning Speaker, Erin Ganju, represented Room to Read.  A local
Bay Area organization, Room to Read seeks to aid developing countries
by spreading literacy and providing opportunities for children to
access books. Room to Read employs local teams led by a local director
in each country. Our local teams understand the needs of each
  country and each community.

Room to Read created five core programs that provide educational resources to communities throughout the
  developing world (information adapted from their website):

  •   Reading Room Program – establishing libraries
      and stocking them with local language children’s books published by Room to Read, donated English
      language books, games, furniture – everything that is required to establish a
      child-friendly learning environment.
  •   Local Language Publishing Program – identifying and promoting
      new content from local writers and artists and publishing high-quality children’s books in the
      local language and in English. These books are then distributed throughout our network of
      schools and libraries so that children have access to books in their local language and in
  •   School Room Program – working to build schools so that children can learn in a safe environment.
  •   Room to Grow Girls’ Scholarship Program – long-term scholarships for girls so they have the opportunity to go to school.
  •   Computer & Language Room Program: establishing
      computer and language labs to provide students access to computer technology and to help them
      learn other languages.

Want to learn more?  The local television affiliate put Room to
Read’s programs in the spotlight for a special "ABC Salutes" program
honoring their work.  If you missed the report you can check it out

ABC report from 12/22/06

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