Global Week 2012: Independent Project Proposal

  • Already ahead of the “flow” on water?
  • Been thinking about it a lot?
  • Ready to “act” because you are inspired by all the learning you’ve done?

The ACE Center invites you to innovate and engage through a project-based experience during Global Week 2012. We are accepting submissions from students interested in working on individual or team-based projects related to fresh water that meet the following criteria:

1)   The project is directly related to an issue, concern, or innovation that has at its center “fresh water.”

2)   The project can meet a time frame that is clearly and specifically delineated in a proposal and will be completed in its entirety by May of 2012.

3)   The project is supervised by a mentor other than a Castilleja faculty member.

4)   The scope of the project is appropriately challenging for the student(s) proposing it.  “Challenge” might be defined as level of intellectual rigor, level of innovation and/or creativity involved to complete it, level of time commitment necessary to complete it effectively.

By December 12th in the morning, interested students will need to submit their typed proposal to Ms. Kertsman in the ACE Center.

Students with accepted proposals will be expected to submit a detailed timeline and schedule of their daily activities during Global Week before Tuesday, January 3, 2012 or an alternate date as decided between the students(s) and the ACE Center.

Download the Global Week 2012 Independent Project Info here.

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