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We (Kate, Ashley, and Elena) are really excited to be the bloggers for the upcoming 2015 China global trip and can’t wait to tell you all about our adventures!

But first…let’s play a game! Match the description with the blogger — (the answer key is at the bottom)

1. Blogger 1: I have a younger brother. I take Chinese in school. When I was 6, I ate at cooked bamboo worm in China. I am the second youngest person in the grade. And I have been dancing since I was 6.

2. Blogger 2: I have a younger brother and a younger sister. I am part Chinese and I take Chinese in school. Last year when I was in China, I ate a scorpion. I have been skiing since I was 2 and have been playing softball since I was 6.

3. Blogger 3: I like ice cream. I know how to ski and snowboard. I have cracked two different iPhones. I am 5 feet short. And I play tennis for school.

For the past few EOPs, we have been discussing the differences between urban and rural China and have been exploring the different ethnic minorities within China. Over the summer we read a book called Factory Girls, which exposed us to the life of girls who have immigrated to factories from rural areas. We also had the opportunities to make dumplings and chow mein, learn a little bit of kung fu, and wear qipaos (a traditional Chinese dress). We can’t wait to work with our partners in China and we look forward to keeping you updated on our trip.

– Kate, Ashley, and Elena


Answer Key:

Blogger 1: Elena

Blogger 2: Kate

Blogger 3: Ashley

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