Get Ready for Global Week 2008

While we are enjoying the last days of winter break, we are anticipating great things for Global Week 2008.  The 11th graders are off on their Global Investigator trips to India and China.  Links to those blogs are to the right.  The rest of the middle school and the upper school will be following another amazing week of activities, lectures, projects, and workshops to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in.  As a school, we have always focused on creating a strong academic program and a commitment to service and inclusion "around the circle." Through the global initiative, and particularly through the global week programs, we will expand our focus "beyond the circle." Through exploration and self-discovery, we hope to examine both who we are and the people with whom we share the world.


This image of pieced together photos of the earth at night during a new moon shows the cities of the world.  (Source: NASA)

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