G.M.O. By Zoe

G.M.O. or otherwise known as Genetically Modified Organisms are all over the world and in our stomachs. We eat Genetically Modified Organisms all the time. Most of the fruits and vegetables we eat are Genetically Modified. These things are modified because farmers wanted to make the fruits and vegetables immune to diseases, better tasting, or even to have a different color. A  food that you probably eat that is Genetically Modified is Corn. Corn is herbicide resistant and has a bright yellow color to make it more appealing. This corn is a super corn it grows faster giving farmers more corn to sell. Farmers plant foods like corn right next to each other in small areas. This is a problem because if one plant gets sick it will spread through the field very quickly because they are planted right next to each other. If you are a community dependent on this one plant then you are stuck without food until you can grow more which will take a while. How can we make sure that you can still have food if one of your crops get sick?

This has happened before in a big famine often called the Irish potato famine. This famine happened because the Irish were completely dependent on potatoes. One day the potatoes died, They shriveled up becoming unedible. This was caused by a disease spread through the air. The people in Ireland starved. The end result was that 1 million people died that is 20- 25% of the population. Being dependent on one crop can cause big problems not to just the farmer but to all the people the farmer sells to who don’t get their food.

People have already tried to create solutions to this problem but they didn’t work. One solution was getting food from far away from other countries and distributing it to all the people. In small towns the people that were put in charge of the food were calling bad meetings and they were making bad decisions. The second solution was that people tried opening up jobs to get people money and these jobs involved food making/ distributing. The people in charge of choosing what people to employ were overwhelmed with the gigantic amount of applications. people then started to fight for the job they wanted making other countries send in people to stop the violence.  Both of these solutions didn’t work before. I believe in planning ahead. I think that we should start doing things now so that it will not happen in the future. The solution to this problem is to plant a more variety of crops. For example you should plant all the varieties of carrots instead of just the orange ones. Also communities should start eating lots of different fruits and vegetables so that you are not just relying on one fruit or veggie. Then if one of them gets sick you can still eat another.

Making the switch will require people to change their lifestyles. People will have to get used to eating different types of food. people will have to eat purple carrots or non G.M.O. corn. This might be hard for people because lots of people are used to eating one type of food. If it looks or tastes different than people might be reluctant to try the new types of food. Also it will take farmers to plant different crops not just one type of crop. This will do two things, one it will keep any diseases from spreading and people will have more access to better fruits and veggies. keeping diseases from spreading makes sure that if one plant gets sick all plants don’t get sick. Second people get more fruits and veggies then people are not dependent on just one fruit or veggie. also eating lots of different fruits and vegetables is good for you because it gives you vitamins.

Doing this will bring nothing but good. You will get a better variety of fruits and vegetables giving you more nutrients. You also will be eating different types of food like red or purple carrots. You will also be preventing a spread of plant disease. Being healthy and preventing plant disease are all good so take action and be the change.

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  • Cali Triantis

    I didn’t know that sickness in a plant could spread. At first I was confused about what that had to do with GMO until you mentioned that different varieties in the fields keep viruses isolated- I find that very interesting. Good job!

  • Emma Snyder

    I was surprised that corn was genetically modified. I thought that this essay was very engaging. You incorrectly capitalized corn once, and forgot to capitalize people when it was the first word in a sentence. Other than that, great!!!

  • Annika Khouri

    The most persuasive thing was how you drew me in. I found it interesting how one plant can destroy entire crops. I think you could improve by fixing a couple grammar mistakes.

  • Reese Ketsdever

    I this essay the thing I found most persuasive was when you used specific numbers and percentages about people. Something that I found really interesting about this was that potatoes would have such a big impact. Even though it was one food it affected many peoples lives. One thing you could do to improve this essay is indenting your paragraphs.

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