France – Tuesday Update

We began our day with a lecture/discussion of minority issues, specifically concerning the social and political status of Muslims and Jewish youth, and the discrimination they face amidst France’s “laïcité.” Samia Hathroubi, an activist who focuses on interfaith dialogue was our lecturer and discussion leader, and she also talked eith us about her work, what she has learned while working around the world on the same issues.

After lunch, Faty, our resident film maker, talked with us on her vision for the GI France 2016 video she was creating, and asked for our input, opinion, and ideas. We’re excited to see the final product and to share it with everyone when we return!
We then chatted with author Rokhaya Diallo about her new graphic novel “Pari(S) D’Amies,” (illustrated by Kim Consigny) which contains a collection of stories of people of color and their experiences living in France, which in part Rokhaya hopes will shed a new perspective on France and the French people as being other than just white citizens. We also discussed her op-ed on the current immigrant crisis in France and Europe, as well as minority issues and life as a female person of color.
We finished our day with a delicious dinner at the Galette Café, famous for their gluten-free, savory crêpes made with buckwheat. Their “traditional” dessert crepes were equally as good.
It was a fantastic day of learning, analyzing, and discussing about the hidden issues in France today, drawing parallels between issues we face and our differing societies.
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