FRANCE, Day 8: 2014-01-11

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Lunch with women leaders

Danielle: I enjoyed lunch yesterday with Karima. Or rather, I didn’t enjoy the food, because talking to Karima, a “Wonder Woman” from an underprivileged background who recently started her own law firm at the age of 30, was far too interesting to be interrupted by yogurt, lox, or chocolate croissants.

Tammy and Abby had the pleasure of interviewing Maia, a Franco-Japanese musician whose most recent experiment, inspired by the tsunami in Japan, involves electronica and traditional Japanese singing. A truly inspiring woman, Maia strives to further the public’s understanding of their own lives through the wide accessibility of music.

Sarah interviewed an opera singer named Malika who gives music classes to children and women in underprivileged neighbourhoods. She was in an accident at 3 years old and was unable to walk for 10 years. Malika’s love for music began when the nuns in the hospital would sing to her.

Jolena and Margarita had an amazing time talking with Fatima, a dynamic and string woman who

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