France Day 5

Jan 6 2016
Because senator Benbassa unfortunately couldn’t meet us today, we enjoyed a fun day of exploring the Louis Vuitton exhibition, shopping down the Champs-Elysée, and had a blast at our Wonder Woman dinner.
The Louis Vuitton Exhibition was an incredible experience, as we learned a lot about Louis Vuitton’s influence on “la mode” and way of travel, through his impressive designs of handbags and travel bags. The museum tour was followed by a valuable discussion about our takeaways from the museum and about our thoughts on racial stereotypes and what has resonated with us after having listened to many powerful speakers on these issues throughout the week.
After the museum, the group strolled down to the Champs-Elysée, which is known for all the fabulous shopping. We stopped at a hip clothing store called “NafNaf,” a store very similar to Target called “Monoprix,” the famous macaron shop “Pierre Hêrmes,” and a famous bookstore. Walking around the Champs-Elysée allowed us to relax, soak in the beauty of Paris, and have an opportunity to buy gifts! We also visited the l’Arc de Triomphe, an incredible monument that honors the Unknown Soldier.
Following our heavy walking day around Paris, we returned to our apartment at around 6pm and met Amal, a woman whose brother was wrongfully targeted and killed by the police. After the heavy discussion and police brutality, discrimination, and more, Tara finished preparing the magnificent buffet for the Wonder Women dinner. The Wonder Women dinner is where each student has an opportunity to speak 1-on-1 with a “Wonder Woman,” women from all different stages of their life, who were there to share their perspectives, inspiring stories, and to shed their wisdom on us.
Each student ate the wonderful dinner and participated in delightful conversations with their Wonder Woman for about 2 hours, where we received heaps of life advice, career advice, and learned a lot about our Wonder Woman’s life stories and experiences.
We ended the fun night with a French tradition where as we were cutting slices of a galette, the youngest in the room must crawl under the table and randomly shout out the name of the person who would receive each slice. The person who finds a little fish in her galette is “la reine” and gets to wear the crown!
good night!
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