China Day 4

Today we started with our daily morning meeting where we went around the group and did roses and thorns (the highlights and lowlights of our day). Then we moved on to breakfast. Instead of eating breakfast as a group, today we were each given 10 yuan and allowed to buy what we wanted at a nearby marketplace. After breakfast we headed to Green Lake Park for a Kung Fu lesson taught by Long Yun. Everyone got really into it as Long Yun taught us four different moves, and showed us how to string them all together.

Next we went to Yunnan University to interview students. These interviews weren’t set up. We simply went up to students on the campus and asked if they had time to answer a few questions. At first we were all a bit nervous. As we gained confidence we actually found out some interesting information from their favorite American TV shows to their opinions on the Chinese government.
We headed to lunch at the Red Bean, then to an apartment that had been outfitted with sustainable recycled materials into a community space. There we had the opportunity to ask Li yuan (the lady who runs the business) questions about her socially responsible enterprise. She told us how socially responsible ventures are focused on positively impacting society not just profits. Li Yaun is particularly focused on improving the environment and connecting communities through her venture.

We had a quick dinner in Kunming and then headed to the train station and boarded an overnight train to Lijiang.

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