Food Distribution and Mileage Essay-Anika Adzich

Food is grown and harvested all over the world today. To transport food from far away farms it takes a lot of energy to get to our local grocery stores. Air pollution is getting worse and worse because of the long trips the food takes. Food in grocery stores is not fresh, it sits on shelves until a customer buys it and is then processed and shipped for days and hours before it gets in your shopping cart. Why not buy from a local farmer instead? Local farms harvest their food the day before they bring it to farmers markets so it stays fresh for longer. It is easier to buy from a grocery store because you don’t have to wait for a farmers market, and sometimes local farmers can’t farm a certain food year round which makes grocery stores more reliable. Grocery stores are buying food from farms that are not local because it is cheaper to buy from farms in different countries. Another problem is local farms don’t create enough food for grocery stores to use their produce. Local farmers are not getting enough business and aren’t regaining the money that they need to sustain a good farm. We should help them because they don’t harm the environment because and they don’t use lot’s of energy and fossil fuels to transport their foods. We should be using local farms to get our produce as much as we can to cut down on air pollution and to help keep small farms in business. People have tried to help these farmers by making farmers markets and some restaurant owners have tried to keep their menu mostly to local food. These things have helped by giving the farmers an opportunity to sell produce and to get regular customers that buy food from them often, but all that is not enough. We need to help let other people know how local farms can help the Earth. This solution is very easy to attempt and I think if people knew about what is going on they would want to make a change to the best of their abilities. A lot of people don’t understand what is happening and we need to spread the word through technology, signs and talking to people. Help change the outlook on local farmers.



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  • Chloe Nicolaou

    I didn’t know that the reason that the no-local foods that the grocery stores have are cheaper to buy. I thought that they would be more expensive because they have to export the produce.

  • Selina Zhang

    This post is written really well. It clearly states you are trying to convey, and it also shows the efficiency of statements. It can be understood clearly and it clearly states how efficient it would be by going to a grocery store than a farmer’s market. It surprised me how it would be cheaper when shipping to other countries rather than buying from local farmers.

  • Avery VanNatta

    This post was really good and informative. You covered a few different topics which made it really interesting. I thought it was interesting that grocery stores don’t buy from local farmers because they didn’t make enough produce. It makes complete sense, I just never thought about it that way. The only thing I would change is I would go deeper on one particular topic instead of have a little information on many topics. I like the learning about many different things but maybe focus mainly on one thing.

  • Shilpa Sajja

    This pose was really good! Its clear that you understand what you are talking about. I liked how you added your opinion on the topic and then gave us many facts so that we understand your point. One suggestion would to be add pictures to make it more visually interesting but you had great content.

  • Nikita Srivastava

    I thought that this post had really well thought- out points and really liked how you expanded on your opinions about the fact that we choose the efficiency of going to the grocery store rather than going to local farm farmers markets. Great job!


  • Alicia Purpur

    It surprised me that it is cheaper to ship foods from other countries than it is to buy from local farmers, I would have thought it would be more expensive because of the cost of shipment. I thought that having it be straightforward and serious instead of long and super descriptive was very persuasive. If I were you, I would have added more to the concluding sentence to better wrap-up your essay.

  • Antarah Chopra

    You have a great understanding of how to help farmers and our local farms. You also have excellent points of why we should help them instead of buying items at the grocery store. Great job!

  • Katie Sauvain

    Revisions needed:
    –essay should be 700-1000 words (right now it’s about 400)
    –add citations

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