Flat Stanley

Have you ever wanted a friend that you could take anywhere? At the last Seton Art EOP, the club and Seton Art students decided to make one based off of the book, Flat Stanley.
The excited class after hearing about the project

The excited class after hearing about the project

First, each Casti student read a short Flat Stanley book to a group Seton students.


One of the kid's Flat Stanley drawings

One of the kids’ Flat Stanley drawing

Then, the kids all made their own versions of Flat Stanleys. Some made girl-versions of Flat Stanleys, some made superhero versions of Flat Stanley, and some stuck to the original. We used Manila folders as the basis for the project, and the kids used crayons and/or markers to draw and accessorize their new friends. After that, the kids cut their characters out, and they each had their own friend that they can take anywhere!

Karina Gunadi (’15) working with a group of kids on their Flat Stanleys


A group of kids hard at work on their Flat Stanleys

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