First Few Days in Hawaii

Our first two days in Hawaii have been amazing! Yesterday, Sunday, we arrived around noon and got settled in our dorms at the University of Hawaii. We were starving, so we immediately went to get lunch. We went to a delicious ramen noodle restaurant and then stopped to get malasadas– a type of Portuguese donut that a bakery called Leonard’s has made famous in Hawaii. However, the best part of the day for us was getting to meet students from all over the world who are participating in SGLI. Over the past two days we’ve met students from Hawaii, Sweden, Japan, China, Denmark, New York, Jordan and many more places. It’s been really interesting to talk to people who come from such different backgrounds and whose daily life is so different than mine.

Today, we began the day with a 20 minute walk to Punahou School. It has a beautiful campus, and we were able to walk to the top of what they call “Rocky Hill” and get an incredible view of Honolulu. We also learned a Hawaiian chant to wake up the sun, caught some lizards, and listened to a presentation on futurism and alternative futures in conjuction with city planning which was a completely new concept to us. In the afternoon we had our first real chunk of free time, so of course we went to the beach! The water was really warm, and although it was rocky, we had an amazing time swimming and getting to know everyone.

We’ve had so much fun already and are can’t wait for our next two weeks in Hawaii!

-Leena, Molly, and Chloe

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