First Day in Shanghai…

Hello from China! After we landed safely yesterday night, we settled into Le Tour Hostel and went out to eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant (…what a shocker). After dinner, everyone headed off to their rooms and went to sleep (or tried to).

Today, we began the day by waking up at 7:30. We were let loose into Shanghai to find our own breakfasts—some of us went into a restaurant and others bought street food (all of which was delicious). After breakfast, we listened to a Lee Perkins (an authority on East Asian economics) talk about China’s economy.

After the speaker, we split into three groups and each group met with their university buddy. Each group went to a different place for lunch, and after, we had four hours to do a scavenger hunt that led us around Shanghai—some of the things we had to do for the scavenger hunt included finding the best and worst toilets we could find, asking and going to

Winning Team: Team Shanghai

Winning Team: Team Shanghai

our university students’ favorite place in Shanghai, and learning the recipe of a Chinese dish from a chef. One group took the subway (and Kate almost got lost) and went to the Bund, one group explored an urban park (where Lindsay learned the phrase ‘Can I take a picture with you’ in Chinese and too selfies with at least 50+ people [no joke]), and the other group went to the Jing An Temple (where they saw people lighting incense and took a picture next to the fudog in front of the temple).

After the exhilarating scavenger hunt, we were all exhausted and glad to have an early dinner. We had dinner at a different Chinese restaurant and then had a brief debrief (no pun intended). Finally, it was time to catch Zzzzz’s…but not before we caught sight of some people dressed up as Nazis, Russian soldiers, American GI’s, and even a NYPD sergeant in the café on our hostel’s roof (which is where we are currently blogging from).

Bye until next time!

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