Facilitating for Inclusivity

What does it take to get a group of student leaders out of bed early on a Saturday morning and up to the ACE Center for several hard hours of thinking?  Nothing more than the promise of formally launching an important program aspect of learning to lead at Casti!

March 3 ushered in the opportunity for student leaders to formally engage in a conversation about how best to facilitate for inclusivity.  Students reflected on their own leadership styles and ways to better engage participants in groups they organize.  An “M&M Distribution Activity” gave us all pause as we wondered how we engaged in the activity.  We wondered whose voice spoke first and why, we wondered how we all understood the term “equal distribution,” and we realized that successful facilitation always means thoughtful preparation.

An important outcome of the morning was a student-derived list of  important leadership skills that will inform and support other leadership work students are doing as they move through ACE-facilitated experiences at Castilleja and experiences that occur beyond the circle.

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