Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP) – Tuesday 1/8/13

On Tuesday, we went to East Palo Alto to volunteer at 35-year old community based organization, the Ecumenical Hunger Program. This institution would ideally like to convey to the Castilleja Community it is a non profit organization that provides emergency supplies and services to people in need on any notice. They encourage us to get involved by donating anything possible, from food to clothes, to furniture, or even toys. Broken items are even accepted most of the time, as workers at EHP can fix them and then give them to their clients. If we wish to contribute further, EHP welcomes volunteers who can pack food boxes, organize food and clothing, or work directly with the clients. Because Castilleja is a local school, EHP encourages us to come in at any time and contribute to our community by helping out.

As of late, EHP has added a walk-in closet as well as a new program, which provides healthy snacks for children whose parents are working. This program offers children a free, accessible alternative to cheaper and less nutritious after-school snacks. With the implementations of the these programs, and the holiday season drawing to a close, EHP has its hands full. However, they hope that the success of these programs will lead to the service of more people in the future. It is very easy for us, the students of Castilleja, to partner with the Ecumenical Hunger Program.  Volunteers are offered many choices of what they would like to volunteer their time to.  One option is to help by sorting and organizing clothing and food, which will greatly help the workers.  Another option is to work in the garden, all produce harvested is given immediately to the families. All donated items, both food and clothing, are given to the families and no profits are made.

To help out the Ecumenical Hunger Program during Global Week, we broke into two small groups. One group went into the clothing department of EHP to sort out the clothes based on their quality. This work helps the organization because it made the work easier for the volunteers and for the clients to find what they are looking for when they come to obtain their clothes.  The other group went into the area where the food is stored to help stock the shelves and make food boxes. The group took the food donations and put each item on their respective area on a shelf. Once the food was done being sorted, the group made food boxes with veggies, meats, rice and beans, cereal, crackers, and bread. This was helpful for EHP because the food boxes are needed for the families who come each week to receive food.

We were very surprised to learn the many different ways the Ecumenical Hunger Program serves the people of East Palo Alto and others who make below a certain income.  Not only does EHP provide food, but also clothes, furniture, toys/knick knacks, bedding, and so much more.  Anyone who is need of support of any kind is always welcomed at EHP, and the organization makes sure everyone has a safe and comfortable place to live; EHP also handles referrals for both houses and jobs. They go out of their way to help their clients, whether it be driving food over to homes of seniors or those who do not have transportation or having toy drives around the holidays.  EHP is constantly serving the community and steering their clients toward a better life.

Sorting Clothes


Sorting Food

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  • Anu Iyer

    A truly remarkable organization.

  • Lindsay Rosston

    I really like the idea of helping collecting supplies for emergencies and think it is great how you helped EHP!

  • Hannah

    This was so much fun! I hope we have some time later to volunteer here again 🙂

  • Abby H.

    This was a really great article, and I love the pictures that go along with it! Sounds like a great way to help out with a local organization!

  • Karinalingling

    I was really inspired by this blog post to help the community out

  • Karinalingling

    This is such a great way to help out the population.

  • Mitra

    I remember really enjoying our visits to EHP in middle school and it’s great how much this organization does for the community.

  • Karinalingling

    I was really inspired by this blog post.

  • Tiffany and Kiana

    This is a great way to help out the community. Some of us have gone there previously in middle school. It was amazing how much was donated to this organization.

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