Drones and war

When American citizens no longer have to go fight to attack other countries and drones, unmanned (robotic) aerial attack systems, can be used without any declaration of war, are the attacks acceptable?  With less the 0.5% of Americans over 18 on active duty, a smaller portion of adults are serving in the military than in any wars in our countries history, wars arguably cost less than they did in the past and drones allow attacks without putting American lives at risk. These facts mean fewer American citizens are directly affected by war so people in the US are less connected to the costs of war, while the effects are still felt strongly abroad. Do you think drones should be used in war? If so, to what extent should the be limited? Is the smaller cost of war for the average American a positive effect of developing technology or a negative effect?

Read Do Drones Undermine Democracy? by Peter W. Singer to learn more about the issue.

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