Day Three in China- Sightseeing in Shanghai

This morning was focused on site seeing outside of Shanghai.  After a nice warm breakfast we jumped on the buses and drove to Suzhou, where some of the Casti girls were asked for their autographs. On our drive to Suzhou, one of the buses was stopped at the border of the province due to a lack of permit that would allow us to leave the province. Usually, lack of a permit would not be a big deal.  However, since it is almost the Spring Festival and we were a large group, the officers caused us an half hour delay.  Finally, we arrived in Suzhou to visit the Humble Administrator’s Garden.  The garden is about 500 years old.  The garden was a formal, traditional Asian garden with “exquisite buildings and luxurious greenery.”  The architecture of the garden is filled with many symbols signifying good fortune.

After the Humble Administrator’s Garden, we went to lunch and enjoyed brazed cabbage, sesquan peppercorn cauliflower, fried fish, tomato soup, and of course french fries.  Next we went for a nice boat ride down the Grand Canal, the Venice of the East. We traveled from a more industrialized, western part of the city to a more rural, traditional area.  We saw many arc shaped bridges and waved at many people passing by.

Next stop on our agenda was the Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory.  There we learned how silk was made from the silk worm to the final product.  We were able to buy many silk products including scarves, ties, and pencil cases.

We then had dinner at a restaurant called Thairrific! It was a Thai Chinese fusion restaurant. We ate mostly chinese food which included eggplant, chicken, and pork chops. My favorite was the breaded chicken with a sweet sauce. After dinner we attended an acrobatics show. The show included death defying stunts with comic relief scattered in. Between the chair stacking and the and the slack rope unicycle, all of our hearts were about to explode. Our favorite act was the woman who balanced stacks of 24 glasses on her face while balancing on a wobbly surface and also while playing the clarinet. The youngest performer was only 13 years old. Most of the kids have been training since they were two. After the show we headed back to the hotel where everyone was ready for bed after a long and fun-filled day. Tomorrow we look forward to visiting the Number 3 Girls School and having dinner with our buddies!

Written by: Mandy Stephens, Josie Furbershaw, Annie Apffel, and Lucy Tashman

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  • Margaret Lane

    Sounds like a great day of sight-seeing. Glad you got to the Silk Factory – I was always amazed at how much silk came from one worm! Give my best to the #3 principal when you see you.

  • Jeannine Marston

    We are with you in spirit and can’t wait to hear from all of you individually. Happy New Year (western calendar style). Thanks for you updates. We are here learning about how fortunate we are to have plentiful, fresh water at this stage and how we might bring this resource to more people while using it wisely. See you next week.

  • Anne Rossman

    Well put: seconding your hugs and well wishes!
    -Anne & Glen

  • Amy Hsieh

    Really enjoying all of the blog posts. Sounds like you are having an amazing trip. Mr. Hsieh and I love reading about all the great food! xoxo Amy and Bill Hsieh

  • Nancy Brown

    Hugs to all of our Global Investigators from your families, who really appreciate the posts each day! Travel safely!

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