Day 6 – China

Saturday January 12, 2013

Today was so much fun!

In the morning, we traveled to the beautiful, historic Yu Garden and tested our bargaining skills at the shops of the City God Temple market, buying jade Buddhas and dragons, amazing painted chopsticks and stuffed pandas!

My Fudan University buddy decided to show me some of Shanghai’s culture, so we took the underground to several century-old temples throughout the city’s oldest district. For lunch, we stopped at an Italian place at the mall, and then we shopped for the next couple hours in some of Shanghai’s biggest malls. Though they were all within several blocks of the Urban Planning Center, it was extremely tiring and crowded since everybody was out shopping for the upcoming spring festival.

We took a taxi to our farewell banquet, which was at a quirky restaurant that required the waitresses to wear roller skates during the job! Gifts were exchanged, hugs were given and memories were shared – when our delicious meal was finished, everybody felt bittersweet about our last Shanghai night and saying goodbye to our new friends.



Post by Bronte Kass

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