Day 5 – China

Friday, January 11, 2013

We started today with a visit to the Huang Pu River Rebuild and Development office.  The director of riverbank development gave us a tour of the exhibit on the riverbanks and how they have changed over the years.  Then we got on the bus to view a former prison that was turned into a beautiful hotel on the riverbank.  The River Development office treated us to a delicious brunch at a different hotel, Hotel Indigo.

Next, we went to “Little Swan” restaurant for lunch, then headed to No. 3 Girls’ School.  The school welcomed us with a video and introduction from their principal.  We attended two cultural arts classes, stamp carving and fan painting.  The stamp carving was much more difficult than most of us expected; carving stone takes arm strength and patience!  Next we participated in a welcome ceremony with the No. 3 Shanghai students.  We played a game to end up in different groups, then separated into culture, music, food, and photography groups and discussed our topics with the No. 3 students.  The No. 3 girls presented a coming-of-age ceremony for us, where a girl has her hair tied up.  We presented a student-made video on Castilleja and some students sang a song for the No. 3 students.  Then we split into pairs and went to dinner with the No. 3 girls.  Everyone had different home visit experiences, but all were positive!


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