Roshni Experience: Day 2!

We managed to catch up on sleep last night, hitting our beds by 8:30. This morning we were again greeted by an excellent breakfast. Afterwards, we spent an hour being briefed for our visit to Town Hall, the first school Roshni was involved in. We learned about the backgrounds of many of the students and their families, then came up with questions we might ask them.

The Town Hall steps were lined with pink and orange flowers, and we entered the glass room to be greeted by the warm  and friendly faces of the Roshni girls and friends an families. We learned about their daily lives as well as their perception of Americans. The families were quick to explain how important Roshni had been in their daughters lives — many agreed that their daughters were now more confident, positive, and helpful.

They were also curious about our lives, and asked what we wanted to be when we were older. We asked the same of the Roshni girls, and the majority said they’d like to be teachers. They also asked what our perception of India was, what sorts of chores we did at home, and if we had festivals like they do.

The morning finished with pictures and some reflection, then we headed off for a delicious lunch. After lunch, we visited Dilli Haat, a colorful marketplace, full of everything we could possibly want. We were informed of a few haggling tactics (If they say 100 rupies, you say 30!) Some were more successful than others in terms of haggling, but we all ended up with cool bags, jewelry, scarves and the like.

Phrases of the day:

“No way!” –the response when we tried to haggle for a lower price

“It probably has rabies.”

At the Town Hall:



After lunch:

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.17.16 AM

The market!





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  • Sue

    Love all the scarves!! Thanks for the photos

  • Sue

    Love all the scarves!!

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