Day 2 in China

January 8th

This morning we went to a shopping center. We arrived as the store was opening, so we got to experience how the salespeople greet shoppers: they bow! It made us a little uncomfortable, but it was fun to experience! At the shopping center, we visited the Organic Beauty Juice Company. We got to sample some organic beauty products, ask some questions about ingredients, shipping, etc, and we all received a free notebook and keychain!

After exploring the shopping center (and hitting up Starbucks and a Pearl Milk tea stand), we had lunch at a place called the “Little Swan.” The highlight was probably these sesame balls. They were so good that some of us went to the teachers’ table to eat their extras.

After lunch we went to the Children’s Palace. It was this huge building where children could go to after school to participate in activities of their interest. We got a tour of the building and saw some very impressive artwork. They invited us to come back the next day to see some children perform “Snow White,” but unfortunately we don’t have enough space in our schedule.

Next Dr. Lee gave us a lecture about Chinese Traditional Medicine. She talked about acupuncture, cupping, herbs, and massage, and then she demonstrated the “cupping” on Lindsey. She only held the cup on for about a minute (usually it’s for 10 to 15 minutes), but Lindsey got a huge purple bruise on her arm afterwards. Apparently this means that Lindsey is not healthy (something about Qi?), but many of us are pretty skeptical. Only two students were daring enough to buy anything from the pharmacy. Teresa says that she has already experienced the side effect of “herbal burping” from her sore throat pills… Hmm.

After our visit to the pharmacy, we went to the Shanghai Planning Exhibition Center. We learned about Shanghai development while observing a scale model of Shanghai. The coolest part was that the model had a nighttime setting where the little lights in the buildings turn on. It was really pretty.

Then we visited a vegetable market and a supermarket. At both markets our Fudan buddies gave us a list of items to look out for (for example, in the supermarket we had to find something “Made in USA.” My group couldn’t…). Alice was talked into buying this corn-flavored candy. It was nasty. I would not recommend it. We saw some very interesting things in the vegetable market, such as fish, geese, and sausage hanging from the ceiling, chickens and pigeons in coops awaiting their doom, and surprisingly long eels!

Finally, we went to dinner and back to the hotel for a well-deserved rest!

Post by Lexie Kirsch

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