FRANCE, Day 1: Saturday, 2014-01-03

At SFO, awaiting our flight. Baggage checked, passed through security successfully, and are waiting in the boarding area. Everyone has a watch (or as some kids call it, a “clock bracelet”).

Alexa won a game of cards against Tammy and Danielle. Yasmeen took an artsy picture of her passport, with Sarah’s help. Abby sent one last email. We are slooooowly breaking into speaking only French. Rachel and Jolena are texting madly. Christina and Margarita are eating truffles shared by Mme. Schryver. Mr. Lowell is writing this blog entry. They keep paging Steve Miller.

Boarding in 8 minutes. Just glad that we are not flying through NY.

Fast forward 10 Hours. We have landed in Paris! Mme. Repellin is at the airport to meet us. We are sleepy and happy to be able to walk about.

Bus ride to drop our baggage at FIAP, then on to lunch at la Coupole…where the menus are all in French!! Much art nouveau, frequented by Sartre among others. The food was great: some opted for grilled steak (rather than steak tartare), some had the salmon. Desserts included crême brûlée and a chocolate lava creation.

Afterwards, we had a walking tour to help us stay awake until a normal bedtime. At 3:00 pm some of us were starting to fade, but the cool weather and exercise revived us a bit. We learned about two iconic women in Parisian arts history and culture: Josephine Baker and Coco Chanel. We saw the original Chanel storefront and walked the shopping district around the Champs-Elysèes and Place Vendôme.

We road the metro a few times as we made our way around the city, ending back up at FIAP. Where we are staying. After a brief overview of the week by Tara, we had dinner and went to bed at last!

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