Day One of Guatemala Global Investigators

¡Hola! Today was our first full day in Guatemala, and we’re already falling in love with this amazing country ! We began our journey by roaming the streets of Antigua, the ancient city of Guatemala in which we are staying. The cobblestone streets, majestic churches, and colorful buildings instantly charmed us; this city is unlike any other place we have ever seen!

After exploring Antigua we took an hour long bus ride through the mountains to the town of Comalapa. There we met the becadas, recipients of the Mayaworks organization scholarships, who we have been emailing for the past few months. They were so open and friendly — one girl even offered to lend Katherine her indigenous clothing for the next day!  As we participated in activities such as making friendship bracelets and  beading, we were amazed by how easy it was to interact with the becadas. We connected over our mutual interests in sports, music, and movies. We’re so excited to see them tomorrow and continue our adventures.

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