Day 1 in Paris

Bonsoir! We touched down in Paris at 10:00 this morning, and though for a brief moment it seemed as if we would never leave Charles de Gaulle airport, we finally found ourselves in a van, rolling through the rainy streets of Paris. Once we dropped our bags at the hotel Citadines (sur le rive gauche de la Seine), we stopped for a bite of Italian food at Mammalina restaurant nearby. After our lunch with the dynamic and always energetic Tara, our on-the-ground partner, we followed her through the maze of the Parisian Mėtro and hopped off to experience our first activity with Studio Praxis, Tara’s community organizing business.

The jet lag, plus the old English wording of the history of the Peloponnesian War that we read at Studio Praxis, had us all intimidated for our first activity of our trip….but by the time we finished acting out the parts of the Athenians and Melians first from a script, then in impromptu debate form, we had engaged in a lively example of one of the most important principles behind community organizing: power. Studio Praxis works to empower activists to use their voices for change in the world.

After shopping for a few breakfast and snack essentials at Carrefour (hello, Nutella!), we headed back to the hotel for a relaxed dinner. Tomorrow we will be as rested as ever and excited to embark on our next of these engaging activities. À bientôt!image


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