Day 1 in China

After arriving the night before after a long flight, we got up bright and early to begin our first day in China. We went to a breakfast with many dishes to chose from such as noodles, rice, and pastries. After that delicious meal, we headed to the Oriental Pearl Tower. This is a very tall building with two “pearls” or pink spheres. We went to the highest pearl and got to see a view of the water and the buildings in Shanghai. We also got a better view of The Bund, a row of old European buildings that we walked along the night before. The pearl had a glass bottom that made us feel like we were floating — so incredible!
We then headed to Fudan University, the best university in Shanghai. Once there, we played “getting to know you” games such as ‘Trainwreck’ and a form of musical chairs. It was really fun to learn about the university students. After, we split up in to groups of 3 to 4 girls and went to lunch with our buddies. Some of us went to traditional Chinese restaurants while others went to the shopping center for dumplings. Some groups ended with a campus tour of the university. We are excited to see our buddies again on Wednesday and Saturday!
Next, we drove to Shanghai No. 3 Girls School, the only girls school in China and the Song sisters’ school. We first got to know some of the girls by chatting in small groups. It was really nice of the girls to join us because they have exams tomorrow. Some of them even have 5 tests! Then, Professor Richard Brubaker spoke to us about sustainability. He inspired us to make changes to help the environment in both the US and China. He taught us that one person can make a difference and no problem is too big to solve!
Finally, we drove back to our hotel and then took a short walk to a Cantonese restaurant to have dim sum. Our meal included beef, sweet and sour pork, rice, sesame dumplings, and more. It was served family style like the rest of our meals. We came back to the hotel feeling full!
Overall, we really enjoyed meeting both our buddies and are excited to spend more time with them.Today was very fun and interesting! Oh, and we found out that this is the coldest winter in over 28 years… so it is a bit chilly here!


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