Coffee, Dying, and Friends… Oh My!

Today was quite the full day! We started off with breakfast at 8am sharp! During our breakfast we were surprised by loud booms and and a large group of people carrying baby Jesus! Here they call it Día de los Reyes and a huge group of men carrying baby Jesus and drums travel throughout the village and set off small fireworks. Immediately after breakfast, we went down to the library where we met up with our friends from yesterday. They took us to visit a small shop in which they not only sold woven goods, but also hand dyed and made the bags, scarves, & table runners. We later went to a coffee plantation cooperative to take a tour, and of course, taste some of their joe. Let’s just say it was tasty…

After lunch at the plantation, we worked on skits with the students at the library and played with the local children. We rounded off the day, performing our skits for the local families. We added music and dance. There were guitars and songs galore!

All in all, I think it’s safe to say we had a blast. The day was packed with everything from playing with clay with the local children to attempting an impromptu game of volleyball soccer mashup. With so many activities, it’s hard to choose our favorites!

Till tomorrow parientes…

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