Clinical Anatomy Internship @ Stanford Medical School

The Department of Surgery at Stanford Medical School is holding three spots for Castilleja students in its 8-week clinical anatomy internship. This exciting opportunity is only available to 15 students in total and, while associated with Stanford’s SIMR program, is run directly through a small team in Clinical Anatomy Research.

The published deadline is February 24, but we have been given an extension deadline and will submit our students’ names by March 6.  Interested students students should download and fill out the online application at the website by clicking here.  The three selected students will then be asked to fill out the SIMR application right away so that they can be entered appropriately in Stanford’s system.  We ask that your applications be turned into Ms. Escudero in the ACE Center by February 29.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Kertsman (

Unlike some internships, there is a significant fee associated with this opportunity ($5000); however, there is financial aid available for student who qualify.  The three Castilleja students will be selected internally by the a panel of faculty members and financial need will be assessed by Jill Lee, Director of Admission and Financial Aid.  You do not need to be receiving tuition assistance at Castilleja to qualify for aid.  Please alert us to your interest in Financial Aid when you turn in your application.

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