Class of 2015 restores habitat at Foothill Park

A couple of weeks ago the class of 2015 went on a field trip to Foothill Park – an amazing place with gorgeous greenery and views. Unfortunately, we learned, all of the wonderful green lawns at the park are a major drain on our local resources. They consume well over a hundred thousand dollars worth of fresh water each year. This is an incredible amount, and as the park has come to realize just how wasteful it is, they are attempting to cut down by getting rid of these grassy lawns. That’s where we came in! The class of 2015 spent the day with Acterra, mulching (covering the lawns with leaves and dirt to kill the grass), weeding, planting indigenous greenery, and learning about native insects.

Weeding pesky foreign plants ended up being a great way to spend quality time together outside of the classroom. In addition to learning about how to take action and make a change in the environment locally, students mentioned how the field trip gave them the opportunity to get to know classmates that they had not yet bonded with even better. Adjusting to high school has been difficult, but the field trip was a fun way to take a break and spend time with friends, while learning about our local water resources too!

-by Alexandra Zafran and Louisa Biffar, Class of 2015

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