City Game and Luau

The last few days have been very busy here in Hawaii. We’ve been going to Punahou School almost everyday to collaborate with other students and work in our school groups around the topic of cities. One of the main activities is called The City Game. We were split into groups of about eight or nine and each assigned a fictional city in the fictional country of Tarwras. The city comes with a description: it’s population, main industries, and any problems. Our job is to set the city up for success by buying or bargaining for railroads, buses, sewer systems, schools, libraries, amusement parks– anything a city could have. The money for these purchases comes from a currency called SGLI bucks. Groups can earn these bucks by completing tasks like going on a morning run together, asking Honolulu residents what they like about their city, or by memorizing certain words in the languages of other students at SGLI. For me, the game is pretty complicated but once you get into it can be a lot of fun (and can get pretty competitive!)

Today, we got the chance to hear presentations about Kapolei (a city in Hawaii), transportation in the city, and health in cities from some very knowledgeable speakers. Jeff Speck, the author of “The Walkable City” was the speaker for transportation and gave us a lot to think about surrounding how walkable Palo Alto is, and how the biking systems could be made safer or more efficient. After our workshops at Punahou, we stopped to get some delicious frozen yogurt then had some relaxing free time in the afternoon.

In the evening, we had our own SGLI luau! Many people from the Punahou community attended, including donors to SGLI, SGLI alums, SGLI mentors, and Punahou teachers. There was delicious food, live music, and a really great atmosphere to talk to other students and even adults. Two Punahou alums also performed a traditional Hawaiian hula dance, giving us a true taste of Hawaiian culture. By the end of the night everyone was dancing!

We’re really looking forward to this weekend when we have more free time to explore the island, and will keep updating then.

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