China Day – Day 7

Today we started with our daily group meeting after eating breakfast with our home stay families. After our check-in and debrief of yesterday, we went on a hike exploring the mountains near the village. We were given an hour of solo hiking where we got to reflect and enjoy the nature. Then we went back to our home stay families for lunch and had an opportunity to help out with their daily chores.  

After lunch we regrouped and participated in team activities. We had a chance to discuss our hiking experiences and play games to help us feel more connected as a group.

For dinner, we each helped our families make food, and each pair of students brought two dishes for our group potluck dinner. At dinner we shared the experiences we have had so far and discussed questions we could ask our home stay families. After our home stay grandmas arrived, we had the chance to dance and sing together, ending our time in Lashihai on a memorable note.

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