China Day 3

We started our morning with a check in and some pastries. We then headed out to the Dexin school, where we were split up into teams. Each team worked with different ages of kids with the help  of the Princeton bridge program students. We made puppets out of paper bags with the kids and attempted to teach them basic English. We then performed the “Footloose” dance for the school and taught them the Macarena. For many of us, this was the highlight of the trip so far. After that, we headed to lunch where we enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal. The afternoon was spent listening to a guest speaker who showed us his artwork as well as answered our questions. He and his wife then taught the whole group to make dumplings. The night was spent eating delicious food and filled with great conversations. We ended the night with a meeting where we discussed the day as well as the itinerary for the next day. It is our last night in Kunming before we take an overnight train to our home stay villages. We are all adjusting to the time zone and the food quite well.

CHINA 2016 Day Three3

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