Casti student reflects on “living in the moment” over miles of asphalt

This summer I [Haley Korman ’13] biked across the country with twelve other people. The trip was completely unsupported, meaning that we carried all our own gear, food, clothes, and other necessities on our bikes and left the rest behind. We passed through the Ozarks, the Rockies, the San Bernardinos, and rode up the Grand Canyon and through the Mojave Desert. It took us six weeks. Every morning, we woke up at 4AM, and throughout the day we drank six gallons of water and ate 10,000 calories to get us through our daily average of 85 miles. Without phones or watches, we never worried about what time it was; instead, we learned to live in the moment and always to be fully present wherever we were. We cherished the little moments of the trip because we knew that those would be what made the big ones all worth it. Every mile we rode uphill, we would get to ride downhill eventually. The obstacles put in our way only made us stronger and more prepared to enjoy what was ahead.

Click here to read the Almanac News article on the adventure.


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