can you please define all the aspects of diversity for me? ;)

In general, we talk about diversity in terms eight identifiers. Here is a quick run down on all 8:

Race: a social idea of categorizing people based on certain external characteristics, like skin color, cranial or facial features, and hair texture. These physical characteristics are falsely believed to be related to internal characteristics, such as, athletic ability, intelligence, or musical talent.

Ethnicity: how one identifies culturally, through her country of origin or nationality.

Gender: the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities and attributes a society determines to be characteristic of either men or women (World Health Organization).  As an identifier, it relates to whether one feels like a man, a woman, or both. Note that gender is different from sex, which is biological and generally either male or female.

Age: the length of time a person has lived. Ageism is defined as stereotyping or discriminating against people based on their age

Socioeconomic Status: a measure of a family or an individual’s economic and social ranking RELATIVE to others (National Center for Education Statistics).  

Sexual Orientation: a system to categorize romantic or sexual attraction to men, women, or both genders

Ability: physical, emotional, mental, or learning qualities that facilitate accomplishment; disability, in comparison, is a physical, emotional, mental, or learning quality that impedes accomplishment

Religion: how one identifies oneself through faith and spiritually


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