Brainstorming in India- Day 3

In the Studio at NDTV

We spent most of the day today with the Roshni girls working on our projects and doing critical thinking exercises. We learned a lot about the culture and the girls themselves. For example, we did a folding project in which two people could talk/ give instructions and one person could fold to get the desired shape. By grouping  2 Roshni girls and 1 Casti girl we really felt as though we were becoming a team and connecting with the girls. As we went into project work, we connected through shared experiences about the same subjects. The four topics are female feticide, rape, gender bias in education, and malnutrition. Although these topics are not as common in the US, we can ask the question, “why is it different?” and explore the answers. During our tea break, we enjoyed a lesson in dance and language from the girls.


During lunch a career launcher, Satya Narayanan, spoke to us about success and building confidence. It was interesting to see how eager the Roshni girls were to participate and contribute to the discussion. They were curious about how to further their careers and become successful, as well as what success meant to them. After a reflection and discussion about current events in India, we headed to NDTV (New Delhi TV) to get a tour of the news room and studio. We were very pleased to see how many women worked there, especially impressed with Gory, a former reporter and current producer, who spoke to us about the process of a news story.

We then had an opportunity to shop at GK 1 Market and then headed back to the guest house for some warm, delicious pizza. We plan to watch a Bollywood movie (3 Idiots) and are excited for the upcoming day!

-Callie, Anna, Becca, Samra

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