Bourn Lab Innovation Project with Devon Holland and Diego Fonstad

Devon Holland, 1/3/2011:

I have a goal for the Maji Mobile which is to create the next prototype where the wheels actually roll so that I can test it with real people.  I don’t know how much I can get done on that this week but I think another goal would be to learn about the Bourn Lab and what the machines do and how I might be able to use it to make the next Maji Mobile.  I also am looking forward to working with a team of people on it who might have other ideas because right now it has just been my project, and I like working with other people. My big goal is to help woman and babies in Africa, and water is a big problem so I thought I would start there.  Mr. Zindell was very excited about my project and he knows a lot about Africa and water so I know that even if this version isn’t perfect, we might be able to do something if we all work together.

Day One by Sarah Rosston ’12

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