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Bonjour à tout le monde, et bienvenue à notre blog!

Before we have even embarked on our journey, the six of us in the France Global Investigator group have been excitedly preparing. During Global Orientation before our junior year started, we heard an interesting and engaging presentation about the history of French colonialism in Algeria. This historical context will inform us as we prepare to learn more about immigration issues in France.

After hearing a more personal perspective on immigration, we then had a presentation about the continent of Europe in general. We learned about the roots of the European Union, some recent economic and political background of various European countries, and had a chance to zoom in closer on France. We explored France’s territories (or DOM-TOMs), the diversity of climates in what is called “La métropole” (mainland France), and some of the struggles that clandestine immigrants face coming to France.


When we are actually on the ground in Paris and have a chance to blog each night, we plan to include certain things in each post we make. For one, we definitely plan on posting images of our adventures every day. We also want to make sure to include at least one valuable piece of information we learned each day from the partnerships we benefit from in France.

From your French trip’s blogging mavens, Juliet and Julia, we would like to say that we are so excited to share our experiences with all of you. We are so grateful for this opportunity to use our language skills and learn more about French culture, and the world at large.

Merci pour votre attention, et à plus tard!

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