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First semester is almost over (3 weeks and counting) and I thought I would share some quotes that summarize the experience of volunteering at Brentwood. Also, you can find out more about the BGCP ACE org by reading an article I wrote for Counterpoint December/January issue.

Haley Shiff, Class of 2015, says, “It’s so much fun helping kids who are truly eager to learn. When reading, they don’t skip over new words – they sound them and out and ask what they mean. I can tell that Brentwood helps students develop a love of knowledge.”

Cate Alder, Class of 2017, says, ” I really liked that the kids seemed eager for our help as opposed to ignoring us. The girl I worked with even stayed in during their break to finish reading ‘The Hungry Ladybug’ to me.”

Natalie Sands, Class of 2016, says, “Working at The Boys and Girls Club has been such a great experience and has given me the chance to meet and help so many great girls who are just as enthusiastic about learning as we are.”

Rachel Lai, Class of 2015, reflects on this opportunity, “I have really enjoyed working with the children at Brentwood, and I look forward to our visits. The kids at Brentwood have taught me a lot through the way they interact with each other, and I truly appreciate this opportunity that I have.”

Jasmine Inostrosa, Class of 2014, says, “Brentwood tutoring is such a great experience. We all have so much fun helping the students with any subjects they struggle with, while getting to know them at the same time. Even though we are very restricted on time, we are able to boost their self confidence through our weekly meetings. Unfortunately, a lot of the girls don’t have the confidence they should at their age. As we tutor them, we boost their self confidence by showing them they are individually intelligent, and that they just tend to second guess themselves. So, I encourage everyone who has an hour of free time on Wednesday’s EOP to join the club. I mean what’s not to love? They are a lot of fun, caring, very funny, and are so cute! It is such a rewarding club for you and for the students!”

I can’t wait to work with the Brentwood students second semester and further develop this amazing partnership! Have a happy 3 weeks and don’t forget to donate school supplies for the BGCP School Supply Drive!


Em Pedersen and the BGCP ACE org


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