Art with Sukey Bryan

Day One – by Sarah Casabonne

Today was the first day of the mural project with artist Sukey Bryan. A small group of students met in Ms. Trilling’s art studio. Ms. Bryan began by introducing herself and the project. She has done several collections about nature and the elements, the most recent being water. The students will be creating their own large mural image of water by piecing together 15 two by two paintings. Today, they started by painting a base layer of brown, to give all the colors a rich tone. Then, the students selected an image of water flowing over rocks to paint.

I am very excited to see how the mural takes shape. Sukey Bryan had a wonderful perspective about building a piece of art layer by layer, and even the solid brown layer showed each girl’s individual painting style, whether they painted up and down, left and right, or in all directions. In a way, the mural reflects the many possible solutions to water issues. They need to be pieced together to create an even better picture overall

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